Norsca Sport
Norsca’s powerful 48hr anti-perspirant deodorant
  • 48 hour protection against perspiration, wetness & odour
  • Moisturising water based formula
  • No alcohol or colorants

Norsca Sport is our most powerful anti-perspirant deodorant giving you protection from perspiration and odour for a full 48 hours - no matter how much you pack into them.

Norsca Sport contains a light floral fragrance combined with our advanced anti-perspirant deodorant for total 48 hour protection against wetness and the bacteria that can cause odour. Whether you’re working out or working hard, you’ll feel confident with Norsca Sport protection.

This is the deodorant you can trust to protect your clothes while Norsca's new generation 'Actigard' formula, provides you with lasting protection against perspiration, odour-causing bacteria and wetness.

Finish your day as fresh as you started.

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