Instant Adrenalin
Extreme long lasting odour protection
  • Ultra effective odour block
  • Specifically formulated to block and mask odour all day
  • Combats wetness
  • 48 non stop defence from perspiration, odour and wetness
  • Responds instantly when you need it
  • Maximium freshness in one hit
  • Norsca's new generation 'Actigard' formula

Powerful protection for men
Empower your sensed with Instant Adrenalin. Formulated to support a man's active lifestyle this high performance formula intelligently blends the oriental fragrances of pure sandalwood, spicy coumarin with the smoothness of vanilla.

Combined with Norsca's new generation 'Actigard' formula, Instant Adrenalin gives you long lasting confidence by targeting odour-causing bacteria while still blocking wetness and perspiration to keep you Norsca fresh for 48 hours.

This energising scent will ensure you Finish your day as fresh as you started.

Available in:

  • Aerosol Anti-perspirant Deodorant 150g / 250ml

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